Broke Mercenary Chapter 90

Ch. 90: Requested after Guidance


The sane fairy girl that suddenly appeared.

Their situation became better now that the fairy was taking them to safety, but it was only because they had no other option, so they continued to follow behind her.

Above them was the shadow of the swarm of fairies who seemed to have lost their sanity, waiting for them to surface, and along with a mysterious and unreal feeling at the fact he was breathing as he was moving underwater, they reached a small hole on the bottom of the lake.

After a while since they entered the hole, which was barely large enough for a person to crawl through, they hit a wall, and the hole stretched upward.

But that was barely large enough for a single person to go through as well, and although Lapis and Feuille had no problem, Loren, who had a wide build as well as a great sword on his back, couldn’t go through, so he had Lapis pull his sword from above, and he managed to get through after.

Managing to get through, Loren put his hands on the edge of the hole and pulled himself out from the water.

When he looked around, shaking off the water, he saw that they were in some sort of cave, with a soft, white light illuminating the area.

“Ugh…I’m soaking.”

When he turned towards the voice, he saw Lapis, soaking wet, sitting on the floor, squeezing the water out of her clothes.

Loren and Feuille were wearing light clothing, so it wasn’t much of a deal, but although the priest’s clothing that Lapis was wearing was simplified to be easy to move in, it used way more cloth compared to Loren’s clothes, and with all of it completely wet, it was heavy and uncomfortable.

“It’s because Loren suddenly jumped in…”

“I mean, what else should I have done?”

“I only got <<Water Breathing off>>. I had other spells that could keep us from getting wet and protecting us from water pressure, you know?”

Although Lapis gave him a reproachful look, Loren doubted that she would’ve been able to get everything done in time.

Although he thought so, he knew that if he said it out loud, it would worsen Lapis’ mood even further, so he decided to stay silent.

“I’m just going to take everything off…I can’t move in this…”


Lapis seemed to know that it was pointless to blame Loren, as after she had cursed lightly at him once more, she started squeezing and pounding on her clothes to try to make it feel less uncomfortable, but she eventually gave up, and started taking off her clothes, grimacing at the feeling of wet clothing peeling off her skin.

Loren wondered if it was okay to start taking off her clothes without hesitation in front of a man, but wearing wet clothes was indeed uncomfortable, so it was hard for him to tell her to keep them on.

If possible, Loren wanted to take off his clothes and dry them next to a fire, but while he was wondering if they could find something to burn in the cave and if there was a place they could start a fire, something flew in front of his face.

“Can we talk?”

It was the fairy that had led them there.

As if she had used magic that Lapis had mentioned beforehand, her dress and wings didn’t have a single drop of water on them.

“Can you understand me mister human?”

“Yeah, I can hear and understand you.”

Whatever the case, she was the one who saved them.

As Loren responded, thinking that he should be polite, the fairy smiled and perched on his shoulder.

“So, for introductions, I’m Corne of the fairy race. Nice to meet you.”

“She talks pretty slowly.”

When Lapis commented on the fairy that introduced herself, Loren turned his head towards her, but immediately looked away.

It seemed that Lapis had been steadily taking off her clothes, and when Loren turned towards her, she had taken off everything except for her underwear, and was folding them and stacking them up next to her.

Which meant that her chest and stomach was in plain view, and although Loren didn’t mean to look, the image was burned into his eyes.


“Hm? Loren, your face is all red.”

“Shut up. Cover yourself up a bit, will you?”

“Even if you say so…Loren’s the only one who’s looking.”

“That’s exactly the problem.”

When Loren curtly, trying to hide his red face, Lapis stared at him, not understanding what he meant, and after a while, a wide grin appeared on her face.

“Loren? Are you embarrassed, by any chance?”

“Lapis, I hate to break it to you like this. But I can’t like a girl with no sense of shame.”

When Loren decided to give her a warning before she started teasing him again, Lapis immediately picked up her clothes and tried to cover her chest.

But she didn’t seem to want to put wet clothes on her skin again, and after pushing and pulling her clothes from herself for a while, she looked up at Loren with a troubled face.

“Umm, Corne, right? As you can see, we’re wet rats here. We’d like to dry ourselves, so is there anything you could do?”

“Then follow me. Our home is just up ahead.”

Accepting Loren’s request, the fairy named Corne floated up from Loren’s shoulder and started slowly flying deeper into the cave, waving for them to follow.

Loren, calling Lapis, who was half naked, and Feuille, who was sitting on the floor, decided to follow after Corne.

“How is this place like this?”

Temporarily holding her wet clothes in her arms, Lapis looked around and asked Corne.

But Corne cocked her head, not understanding what she meant.

“From what I can see, this place is an underground cave.”

“You’re right. This is below the place you call the Black Forest.”

“Why is it so bright?”

“That’s because of the glowing moss growing on the rocks. I don’t know why they glow, though.”

At Corne’s explanation, Loren put his face close to one of the rocks.

There was indeed a thin layer of moss growing on it and could see that the light being emitted from them was illuminating the whole cave.

“It’s the type of moss that could be found in nature type dungeons. It can be found in many places, so it’s not that rare.”

Lapis told Loren, who was examining the walls.

“Is it different from the walls from the Ancient Kingdom ruins we saw before?”

“It isn’t the same thing just because it glows Loren.”

Previously, when they had investigated an Ancient Kingdom ruin that was made for breeding goblins, they had seen that the building material for the walls, and remembering that, Loren asked Lapis, but she said he was wrong.

“The ones in the ruins are on a different level, from its rarity and light quantity to its price.”

“Everyone, how about looking at the walls later and keeping up? You’ll catch a cold, you know?”

As Corne called them, worried, they stopped what they were doing and hurried after her.

After walking a while, the cave opened into a large dome like space.

On the ground were stone buildings that weren’t taller than his waist, and Loren thought for a second that it was like a replica of a small city, but a look at the small winged beings moving to and from the buildings told him it wasn’t.

“Big people came.”

“They came.”

Responding to Corne’s voice, fairies that looked like boys and girls flew up slowly towards them and started flying around them.

Even though he knew they wouldn’t attack them, because of his first encounter with them, he found himself reaching for his great sword, but Lapis stopped his hand.

“It’s okay. They’re not enemies.”

“Y-yeah, my bad. My hand moved without thinking.”

“I know how you feel, though.”

Lapis didn’t forget them being chased as well.

The swarm of fairies was something even Lapis thought was scary, as she knew it couldn’t be helped that Loren was anxious.

“Everyone, you can dry your clothes here.”

Corne pointed towards a hole in the wall of the dome.

When Loren walked near it, he saw that it was way to small for a person to go through, but apparently it was connected deeper underground, and there was warm air flowing out of it.

“I was wondering why it wasn’t cold even though it was underground. This is how they control the temperature.”

“You could dry your clothes near this hole. It’s dry and warm, so it should be fine.”

“Let’s take her offer. If we leave our clothes here, it would dry quite quickly, and this place seems the warmest as well.”

“I’d like you to listen to our story while your clothes dry.”

“You said you wanted help, right?”

Watching Lapis hanging her clothes on the edge of the hole where the warm air was blowing from, Loren said to Corne, who was fluttering in place, Corne winced and nodded her head.

“Tell me about it. You’ve saved us, so we’ll do our best to solve it if we could.”

Loren told Corne, looking at Lapis finish hanging her clothes and taking off Feuille’s clothes to hang them as well, and with a serious look on her face, Corne flew around in front of his face, raised her fists in front of her, and in her expansive way of talking, told Loren.

“I want you to kill our chief.”


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    1. Goes from Mercenary to Adventurer to Teacher to Necro Zerker now to Assassin. Let me check his character sheet for one second by the end of this story he is probably going to be a old man telling kids how he one time became a part time king.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! What a nice cliffhanger. I wonder if it’s something the faerie chief did or if he was just corrupted by something else. Either way, should be interesting!


  2. I posted this somewhere else, but just so you know “House if Rain” is a popular phrase it seems, so it’s hard to find the site through all the clutter. I don’t know anything about website making, but can you make this site appear when you google “Unlucky Slime”? It might help.


  3. It went up just fine on Novel Updates, under the new group name no work on my part to find you.


  4. Thanks for the chapter
    Yeah avengers endgame was a blast and alot of feels too hooe Im not spoiling it for everyone who havent watch the movie yet


  5. Thank you for the chapter, Kaoto. Good luck on the remaining exams. Glad to hear that you had a blast with Avengers:Endgame.


  6. Thanks for the chapter. Well the site looks nice. By the way whats with that fraudulent pic the text clearly said that her chest and stomanch were in pure view, how come her chest is covered in the picture!!!!!!!!! I mean I am a scientific mind, I can’t have contradictory data, it has nothing to do with my desire of looking at some nice ti….data!!!!!

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  7. Woah. I didn’t notice that you change the site, not until you and other people mention in xD.
    BTW looks like Lapis really likes Loren, not minding being naked around him. And Loren being the shy boy HAHA!
    Looks like Loren is bound to have something strange in his every adventure, ex:
    1. Ruin Explorer with lots of goblins.
    2. Ghost Busting against a No Life King.
    3. Dungeon Exploring Discovering the Demon God.
    4. Bandit Hunting slaughtering hundreds of poor souls with a loli no life king.
    5. Fairy Assassination.


    1. That second dungeon wasn’t for exploring, it was a bodyguard mission, that had them hunt down, and fight their clients, Demon God just showed up at the end there… which doesn’t really make the story any less strange, but context.


  8. Wheeee, new site smell! Mmmmmmh. …don’t mind me.
    Thanks for the chapter and doing all the crappy behind-the-scenes stuff to move sites. Seems to have worked out nicely. Well done.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed the clash between the PG-13 illustration and the rated-R description in the text. This should not be allowed. I demand my ti… I demand that the artist sticks to the source material written by the author. They’re not allowed to just dream up an alternative version of the scenes in the novel. This is an outrage etc.

    Ahem. Anyway. On to the important matters … Loren will also strip, right? Will we get an illustration too? It would be only fair…

    Ahem, ahem. I mean… what kind of fairies are they. The “I like shinies” kind with plentyful reserves of potentially outrageously expensive jewelery, or the “boring” nature-loving hipster kind? This is important. Loren has just accepted a hit job on the big boss of the fairies, and that means he will inevitably wake up in a hospital afterwards, because that’s just how he rolls. Which makes remuneration a rather important issue.

    I say he should be wary of suddenly being crowned their king. You keep what you kill, after all. That is the way of nature. Riddick wouldn’t lie to me.


  9. Wasn’t Lapis holding on to the certificate that would get them paid for their monster hunting? And isn’t the very same Lapis now soaking wet? So now the certificate is wet and ruined? Looks like we’re not getting paid this time either.


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