Broke Mercenary Chapter 96

Ch. 96: Returning Without Incident


It was a few days after Loren and Lapis had ran back to where Corne was, that the chief’s death had been confirmed.

From what Loren and Lapis told her, she could see that the chief had died, and although they understood why Corne wanted to make sure the chief was completely dead, wanting them to wait until the investigation was done was unexpected.

“We could think of it as saving money for food and rooms.”

Loren’s job used to require him to go from battlefield to battlefield, so he wasn’t concerned about not being able to go back to the city.

Lapis had complained slightly, but after Loren had agreed to Corne’s wishes, she went with his decision.

But it was a village of fairies that were way smaller than them.

There was no where for Loren and Lapis to stay in, so they had to pitch tents and sleep in sleeping bags during the few days.

“It’s basically camping, and even the food…”

As the evil good of gluttony named Gula had said, fairies were accustomed to eating their food without cooking them.

So what the fairies gave them were thing like grass and fruit.

Loren and Lapis were stunned by this, so they got permission to use fire in a corner, and ate the rations they had brought, as well as fish they caught in the waterway that connected to the village and managed to survive the past few days.

The confirmation of the chief’s death took so long because of the state the body was in.

Since the body started rotting away as soon as the evil god left it, the fairies couldn’t tell if it was the chief or some other being, and on top of that, the smell was so bad that they couldn’t get close.

They brought a mountain of flowers and herbs to mask the smell as best as they could and burned the body bit by bit to gather evidence, and eventually they concluded that it was indeed the chief.

“Thank you so much. You really saved us here.”

It seemed that Corne had become the new chief.

For Feuille, since it was most likely that his village had been wiped out, Corne had contacted another village to take him in.

Feuille had lost not only his family, but his whole village as well, but he had a long life ahead of him, and Loren could only pray that a day will come when the wounds in his heart will heal completely.

“So, about the rewards for the job.”

Corne had led them to a building that looked like a storage in the corner if the village.

When they got there, other fairies were taking things out of there.

They were doing so since Loren and Lapis couldn’t get inside, but they still had to pick, and the pile was growing bigger and bigger.

“As promised, you can take one thing you like.”

Hearing those words, Lapis immediately started sifting through the items.

Loren didn’t even move to touch them, but instead just stood back and watch Lapis go through the items in the pile one by one.

In the first place, even if there were two jewels, Loren couldn’t tell which one would be worth more.

So he decided that leaving it to Lapis, who was knowledgeable about these things, would be the most efficient, but after a while Lapis’ hands stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

When Loren called out to her, she turned towards him like rusted hinges on a door.

Wondering what made her move like that, Loren walked up and looked over her shoulder, peered into her hands, and frowned when he saw what was in there.


What Loren saw was a transparent gem that didn’t seem valuable at all.

It was quite large, but it wasn’t cut well, and didn’t seem like something Lapis would be surprised at, but he tilted his head, feeling that he’d something like it before somewhere.

“Loren, this…”

At Lapis’ seemingly puzzled voice, as if she wasn’t sure what she should do, Loren realized what it was, and his eyes widened in surprise.

“It’s that…right?”

Lore recalled when they went to the adventurer training school in their previous job.

What was in her hands right now was the same as the thing she had found and taken from the bottom floor of the dungeon.

“Which one is it?”

“My right arm…I think.”

It was one of the parts of Lapis out of her arms, legs, and eyes, that her parents had taken from her and hidden in various places before she came to the human world.

Currently, Lapis had found her left arm at the adventurer training school and returned it to normal, but it seemed that the fairies had found another one from somewhere and stored it.

“I think they found it in the forest somewhere and brought it…”

“That’s convenient, I guess.”

Loren thought it was fortunate she found what she was looking for, but Lapis didn’t try to ask for it, and just had a troubled look on her face.

“What’s wrong? We’re going with that, right?”

He didn’t know what kind of valuables were there, but a part of Lapis’ body was irreplaceable, so Loren couldn’t think of any other option.

He thought they should just receive it and go, but Lapis seemed to have a different opinion.

“I’ll give up on this for now.”


“We can’t sell this for money. Loren will be getting nothing.”

Lapis said that and tried to return the gem to the pile.

Loren reached from next to her and grabbed it, and before Lapis could do anything, he showed it to Corne.

“Corne, give us this as our reward.”


“Loren!? What are you doing!?”

Loren shoved the gem they received into Lapis’ hand as she tried to argue, and then said to her.

“If you’re that worried about it, let’s say that you gave me my share and reduce my debt.”

“That’s…but that’s…”

Even if Loren’s debt was reduced, it didn’t give him any sort of liquid income.

Although there were advantages for both, with Loren getting his debt reduced, and Lapis getting a part of her body back, they were still at zero when it came to money.

“We have the invoice for the extermination rewards we got before we came here right? That should be enough.”

“About that…”

Loren cocked his head at Lapis’ apologetic attitude.

As Loren wondered what had happened, the conversation started going in a bad direction.

“The invoice was with our other stuff…”

“What about it?”

“Before we came here, we jumped in the water, right?”

Loren picked up where the conversation was going.

Although they had to in order to escape the fairies, they had been under the water long enough as well as deep enough for everything including their clothes and things to get wet.

He didn’t need a further explanation to guess what had happened.

“It got wet, huh…”

“Yes, very. I tried drying it, but the ink is all blotched and can’t be read.”


At that time, Loren couldn’t think of anything else they could’ve done.

It was a disappointing result, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault, so Loren gave up on it easily.

“Well, I get my debt reduced, and you get your body back. This is fine, isn’t it? Even if you give up on it this time, you would have to come back to get it another time, right? Just take it. It’s better than coming again.”

When Loren put patted Lapis on the head, signaling that the conversation was over, she still had a troubled look on her face, but she eventually smiled at him and hugged the gem he had handed her.

“I’ll put a spell that will keep you from getting wet on the way back.”

“Yeah, thanks…wait. Is that waterway the only way in and out of here?”

“The other way is blocked by the former chief’s body.”

Loren sighed again.

If he were to choose between jumping in the water or trying to get the rotting flesh out of the way, jumping in the water was easier, and Corne said she would cast a spell so they wouldn’t get wet, so the decision was simple.

“Alright, we’ll be on our way now.”

“Loren, Lapis. We’re really thankful for what you’ve done. If you didn’t do something about the chief, we would’ve been put under his weird spell and would’ve attacked someone.”

As they gathered their things and were getting ready to leave, Corne fluttered around them, thanking them as well as casting a few spells.

“We won’t forget your kindness.”

“We took the job and got our rewards, so it’s not like you owe us anything.”

“Even so. You could’ve just ignored everything and left the forest. Corne is very thankful. I don’t want you to forget that.”

“Got it. Until fate wills us to meet again.”

Saying goodbye to Corne, who looked unwilling to part, Loren and Lapis dove into the waterway that took them to the village.

Although he could feel the coldness of the water on his skin, since Corne had put a spell that kept him from getting wet, he didn’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in wet, cold clothes.

“Why can’t it be like this every time…”

This time they didn’t accept a job, so they didn’t fail.

The invoice for the extermination rewards was impossible to read so nothing much was expected from it, but all they lost was the money they used to come to the Black Forest including the equipment and food they bought, but it shouldn’t have been that much.

But they had been able to retrieve a part of Lapis, and Loren’s debt had somewhat decreased.

And in recent times, Loren would usually end up in the hospital at the end of a job, but this time he was perfectly conscious and wasn’t injured that much either.

“Maybe you feel that it wasn’t enough…”


“Damn it, next time for sure…”

“Who the hell are you!?”

“So, you say, but actually?”

“No, so keep swimming!”

Corne’s spells allowed them to speak underwater as well, and Lapis started teasing Loren.

Jabbing at her lightly, making her swim in front, he thought that an ending like this time, where he wasn’t that injured, was conscious, and wasn’t in the red too much, wouldn’t come by too often, and started swimming slowly after her.


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Hey guys Kaoto here.

This is the end of arc four.
Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for the support.
I’ll try to port over the rest of the chapters and start the next arc after I do.

Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys in the next chapter!

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    There is probably a joke about her wearing robes and him making her swim in front there.

    So.. Are her parents trying to end the world?
    or teach her to beat the rivals for the deamon leadership?
    or is Lapris herself just a Dark God of knoweledge or greed. Or justa candidate dfor dark god level ability

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    1. I think her parents purposely left her body parts on/near the places where evil gods(?) Are sealed.

      ……. Now that I think about it, if we have an evil god of lust will it be a she or a he? I hope it’s a he so we could see some progress on their relationship( Loren being jealous and stuff). On the other hand, a jealous Lapis is nice too…..


    2. Lapis’ parents are probably some kind of evil gods themselves or the heroes who sealed them considering they know the evil gods’ locations


      1. I doubt they’ll be the heroes. But the Hero will probably be a person like Loren. and her parents will have been someone like Lapris.
        and they just kind of fell into the position of Hero by proccess of the team up-but two being high ranking deamons meant they didn’t want to be recorded in history so they pushed it on their friend.


  2. For once, Loren at least comes out of it not in a hospital bed. And while not getting any money sucks, he managed to reduce some of his debt to Lapis some.

    In all seriousness though; at the rate we seem to be getting Lapis’ body parts back at the same time they end up getting involved with awakening Great Demon Lords, I wonder if Lapis will end up actually being one of the Great Demon Lords herself, once fully restored. Both eyes, both legs, and both arms are 6 parts, and she’d just need to become whole again and reveal herself to be the 7th.

    I would guess maybe “Pride”, though more because she’s been pretty confident in herself and her abilities and has mostly been prideful enough to not cruelly take advantage of Loren. Manipulative and pragmatic, sure. Looking down on a few individuals she considered disposable, sure. But in addition, it’s not like the two Sins we’ve seen thus far were really hostile in the first place. Sloth just unleashed a slime to give himself a chance to run (to a better bed). Gluttony didn’t want to be fed “trash”, and just left to enjoy finding tastier things, and even said she’d pay back Loren for freeing her.

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    1. That time she was largely working off of a hunch/intuition. This time she just happened upon it whilst being preoccupied with other matters.


    2. Likely because a released god was already overshadowing her part. You can’t smell a small thing when something else is overwhelming it. Much less the forest being an area of higher magical quality compared to other places. I am also of the opinion she likely has a spell of some sort that helps give her a vague idea. She wasn’t really looking for a next part yet, I think she was still getting used to having her old limb back before she wanted to look for another.


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    Also…. sniffle… I’m so proud of Loren… *sniff* He survived a quest without getting beaten to a pulp, and even *blows nose* and even managed to get some of his debt rescinded! Waaaaah, our Loren is all grown up now! What will I worry about now! I’m not ready for this! I thought I was! But I’m not!

    Kinda weird how that body part just popped up right there without Lapis having even the slightest inkling. You’d think she’d pick up on it since she was practically right next to it for quite a bit of time. …fairy storage magic interference! That’s gotta be it. Or demon ninjas hired by her parents deposited it only the night before.

    And yeah, now that we have established a tenuous link between cubed gods and body parts, the odd one out is a concern. As has been pointed out above me: Two eyes, two legs, two arms, for a total of six – but there’s seven sins, if the author sticks to the blueprints.
    Loren as the host for all of them, making him “whole”? Or is Lapis a sin – wouldn’t really be that much of a reach. Or is Lapis grooming Loren to become a sin? Which one would that be though, poverty isn’t a sin.

    Thanks for the chapter, as usual! Man, I wonder what the next arc is gonna be about. Please, let it be funghi. Zombified … uh… rats. No wait, sentient cockroaches in armour! No? Hmmm… well I’m all out of ideas. Looking forward to read the next chapters.


    1. I figure she coudln’t sense it because of the active Dark God power. They’re “deamon like” and relatively overwhelming saturation that likely makes it harder.
      Also I think she actually has to actively start sensing or looking. and she hadn’t done so, she doesns’t look for them all the time, and she likely was getting accostuemd to having one arm back before she wanted to try for another so she hadn’t been actively looking.
      But we have a fair inkling that the Dark God was released a week or two before that point, so she probably had sensed its prescence elsewhere and hadn’t checked up since then.

      I’m assuming Lapris’ parents were friends of the Original Hero who sealed them all. Likely the dark god powers are inhereted rather than innate. So if one of her parents is the left over sin (probably lust given the story dynamics) So Lapris might have actually inhereted the title and that was one reason why they parsed her down so that she could learn to deal with the power over time and explore the world. So she doesn’t drown in power. They probably weren’t intending the deamons to release though. just bad timing.

      My personal thought though, is that she is a descendent of the hero in someway, and her limb’s are what is causing the seals to weaken. The hero’s bloodline being the key to unlock it. None of this was intentionally occurances. Rather each trial was meant to test a diferent aspect of her abilities and knowledge. but was unfortunate in that it unlocked things. I imagine her parent, or grandparent or great grandparent (depending on how long lived and birth rate) worked with the hero way back when. may or may not have gotten jiggy with it under the effects of magic lust or just because romance.

      I think its a bit more likely that Loren is a descendent of Wraith though. Given that ability to overclock and the fact that a deamon specific buff worked on him.


  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    Well… Loren didn’t get thrown in a hospital this time around, so there’s that much. I’m still scared for him though, Lapis may be tempted in the future to take his body after she gets back the rest of her body if you get my drift.


  7. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Doesn’t feel right if Loren doesn’t end in a hospital and has his debt increase at the end of the arc.


  8. Feels weird it ending with him in good condition and his debt decreasing.
    Also feels weird that she said she could feel her body parts just like Loren could sense his body parts attached to him, but she didnt feel this part even tho it was near her all this time.
    And there are a total of 6 body parts and 7 sins. If each body part is gonna be near a sin, maybe the seventh sin is her…


  9. Reading this novel reminded me of The Lazy King. The evil god here somehow resembled the folks in the lazy king novel. Im thinking the nxt evil god is Greed.


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